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Scissor Lift SC 16 Merk Noblift
Scissor Lift SC 16 Merk Noblift
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Specification of Scissor Lift SC 16 Merk Noblift

PT Denko Distributor of Scissor Lift Noblift BrandsScissor Lift is a tool that is needed at the moment in work in ketinngian, mainenacne tall buildings etc.Scissoor lifts move back and forth with electric power and up and down with hydraulics.The way the Scissor Lift works is by combining the power of a hydraulic cylinder system with an electric powered pump so that it can move the Scissor Lift mechanism in the shape of a Scissor.with the hydraulic power driven by an electric pump and equipped with buttons that have been designed so that the scissor lift can move up and down.because the scissor lift completely up and down the process relies on the hydraulic system so even if the electricity dies this tool can go down manually.Scissor Lift is equipped with sensitive sensors so that the device is ensured to work very safely.Scissor Lift consists of 5 important components that must be considered. namely Work Platform (as a stamping container for the operator), a mast pole for the scissors mechanism, a controlling sensor. and hydraulic pumps and batteries (need to be controlled by the process of charge and water battery)While the process of moving or back and forth the scissor lift is fully driven by Electric power which is converted to a carbon brush system so that the wheels can rotate.Scissor Lift BRAND NOBLIFT consists of several types:SC 08 (Cap: 380 kg, Platform Heigth: 6 m, Working Heigth: 8 m)
SC 10 (Cap: 230 kg, Platform Heigth: 8 m, Working Heigth: 10 m)
SC 12 (Cap: 320 kg, Platform Heigth: 10 m, Working Heigth: 12 m)
SC 14 (Cap: 320 kg, Platform Heigth: 12 m, Working Heigth: 14 m)
SC 16 (Cap: 200 kg, Platform Heigth: 14 m, Working Heigth: 16 m)Info: Mr. Farrel Sibarani

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